#explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #11 Swallows and Amazons Swim . . . with a dog.

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve been doing these blogs and I have not yet featured one on swimming. I know. It’s ridiculous considering for quite some time I was known as Sean Conway – The Swimmer. It even says that on my Wikipedia page (If someone knows how to change that I’d be ever so grateful)

Anyway, living in Coniston and not swimming is like being French and not eating all the baguettes, and when it comes to dipping your toes into the often-icy water there is one particular swim that I love the most. I call it the Swallows and Amazons Swim.

Affordable Family Days Out in the Lakes this Summer

By Rachael Parkin
Heading to the Lakes this summer? Wondering how to keep the whole family busy whilst keeping at least some hold on the purse strings? Keeping the kids occupied and entertained all summer can be an expensive business. If you’re on a budget or simply looking to alternate paid for activities with cheaper days out then here are a few of our ideas for keeping the whole family busy in the glorious Lake District this summer.

Lake District Show Season – Take in a show this summer

By Rachael Parkin
July marks the beginning of the Lake District’s agricultural show season. Being a predominantly rural landscape The Lake District has sheep, lots and lots of sheep. Breeds such as the famous Herdwick along with other forms of livestock play an important role within the Cumbrian economy. Consequently, agricultural shows, which bring farmers and traders together, are important events, both economically and socially, growing bigger and more popular as each year passes.

Coniston Food Blog - Where to Eat

By Rachael Parkin
Nothing makes you hungrier than a day spent roaming the fells. Fresh air, exercise and adventure are all guaranteed to combine to give you the heartiest of appetites. For a modestly sized village Coniston has a broad range of food offerings to satisfy even the most ravenous of post-ramble cravings. There is also an abundance of cafés, perfect for a pre-fell, carb-loading breakfast, for afternoon respites or simply as an excuse to stop, relax, and eat cake (as if such an excuse is ever needed).

Copper (in our) Veins - Coppermines Valley Art Trail

A series of stones and sculptures gilded in copper will soon form a trail through Coniston’s Coppermines Valley as part of a temporary art installation to celebrate the area’s natural heritage.

Artists Jessica Elleray and Siobhan Miles-Moore – both of whom are united through their use of copper in their work, will launch the ‘Copper (in our) Veins’ trail on August 10.

Top Spots for Wild Swimming

by Rachael Parkin
One thing the Lakes District definitely isn’t short of is water. Whether it’s sparkling in a glistening lake, surging down a thundering river or falling out of the sky to try and put a dampener on your day, to holiday in the Lakes is to get wet in the Lakes. And few things are more appealing on a hot summer’s day than a refreshing, cool swim amongst the magnificent scenery of the Lakes.

Ordnance Survey - Popular Walks Antidote

By Rachael Parkin

Ordnance Survey (OS) have recently published Britain’s favourite place to start a walk; with Ambleside claiming the top spot for the Lake District, coming in fifth out of the UK as a whole. The survey shows Ambleside as the hub of walking in the Lakes, with more people choosing to start a walk from here than anywhere else in Cumbria. The survey also revealed that other Cumbrian walks scored very highly, with the summits of Scafell Pike and Helvellyn also appearing in the top 10 of the most commonly tread paths.

#Explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #10 Trouté Diem – Seize the Trout

Now when I decided to start this blog series about adventures in and around my home in Coniston, I have to admit it was all adrenalin this, running that, cycling here, canoeing there and all other manor of activities to get your heart racing. Don’t get me wrong. My next blog after this one is probably one of the toughest local challenges I’ve come up with, but for now, I fancied doing something a little more relaxing. OK, a lot more relaxing – fishing.

Six Easy Wainwright Fells to Bag on your Holiday

by Rachael Parkin
If you fancy bragging about bagging half a dozen Wainwrights during your Lake District holiday but don't feel like your legs are quite up to scaling over 3,000 feet up the dizzying heights of Scafell or Helvellyn and the likes, or if you are coming on holiday with children and are looking for lower, safer summits to conquer without missing out on the spectacular scenery the Lakes has to offer then we've put together a list of some the easier, but no less rewarding, fells to climb during your stay.

#Explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #9 The Double-Double Awakener!

It’s been almost exactly a year since I finished my world record bike ride across Europe. And in this year, I have cycled only three times and one of those times was to get some bread from the bakery 200 meters from our house. I always do this - go cold turkey right after a big block of cycling and I have to admit, I always regret it. It’s far easier keeping a steady fitness than trying to build it up again from scratch. Never the less, it’s now May, the sun is out (sometimes, this is The Lake District after all), it’s warm and I’m in desperate need to get back on the bike.