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Cold Water Therapy at Coppermines Mountain Cottages


Looking to embark on some cold-water therapy on your next Lake District break?

An increasing number of our guests at the Coppermines Mountain Cottages are, somewhat bravely, partaking in cold water swimming in the Coppermines Valley Waterfalls.

During the months of November to April the temperature of the water in Coppermines Valley can drop as low as 2 degrees centigrade. Given that our body temperature is just below 37 degrees the feeling of being in such cold water is as dramatic as it is exhilarating.

And to make your dip even more exciting, in Coppemines Valley your cold-water plunges can be immediately followed by a dethawing dip in a gorgeously warm and restorative hot tub – creating a delicious contrast between hot and cold.

Or perhaps you would prefer to approach your cold water dip as the Scandinavians do? In Norway, home to the sauna, a cold water dip is preceded by a hot session in a sauna, creating an even more dramatic contrast when suddenly entering icily cold water.

So, what are the benefits of cold water swimming?

Those who practise cold water swimming speak of the activity working wonders for mental wellbeing as well as physical health.

Immersing in cold water causes blood vessels within the skin to completely shut down to insulate the body from the cold. At the same time, stepping into cold water accelerates the heart rate and raises blood pressure, due to the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline into the bloodstream. 

The claimed benefits include a boosted immune system, improved circulation, reduction of inflammation, pain reduction, an increase in metabolism, calorie burning, improved muscle strength, improvements in mood, reduced stress levels, increased energy levels, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure and an improvement in cardiovascular health.

There are so many supposed benefits of cold water swimming that we can’t even mention them all here. But it certainly seems a no-brainer in terms of the possible health benefits. And what better to start than during a cottage break in the spectacular Lakes?

Safety first

Remember, do not jump straight into deep cold water as cold water shock can immediately set in, causing you to gasp uncontrollably and your coordination to shut down. It’s extremely important to acclimatise to the cold water by immersing yourself slowly and letting your body adjust gradually.

Also, never jump from height, as hidden rocks can lay just underneath the surface. And always make sure you have a friend with you who can spot you in the water.

Finally, if you’re feeling uncontrollably shaky it’s important to get out and warm up to prevent hyperthermia.

So what are you waiting for?

Rather unsurprisingly many of us find the idea of embarking on a cold-water swimming regime as somewhat daunting. The good news is, during a Lake District holiday at the Coppermines Mountain Cottages, you have the added comfort of knowing that immediately following your bracing cold water immersion – you can jump straight from the river and waterfalls pools into your own steaming and bubbling hot tub.

And what better location for your first foray into cold water swimming than the stunning Coppermines Valley within the spectacular Lake District National Park where you can jump straight in to your own hot tub?

And if you plan on sharing your cold water V hot water adventure on social media, then the envy inducing backdrops of rugged crags, dramatic mountains, thundering waterfalls and crystal clear mountain pools are what Instagram was made for. 

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