#Explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #8 My Favourite Low Level Hike

Winter walks are, in the words of Tina Turner, simply the best. Layering up, a flask of boiling hot tea in your thermos and a map snugly sealed in a zip-lock bag you’re ready to hit the trails. With winter, however, it can be extremely windy which can make heading up the hills feel somewhat out of your comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong. I love it when the elements are giving you a Rocky Balboa style battering but it’s not for everyone. Luckily there are many low level, easier routes that can turn your dreary winter day into an adventurous one.

Wonderful One Hour Walks

By Rachael Parkin

Perhaps the glorious sunshine in which you are basking at 1 pm is due to turn to torrential downpours at 2 pm. Perhaps you have an hour to fill to work up an appetite before dinner or fancy a short stroll to walk off a particularly large lunch. Perhaps you have little or tired legs within your party and 60 minutes walking is plenty. Or perhaps you simply want to enjoy stunning scenery and fresh, Cumbrian air without the excursion required for a long day’s hiking.

#Explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #7 Make fun while the snow falls!

‘Come on winter!’ I found myself shouting every morning as I opened the curtain to another day where there wasn’t any snow. My wife as you can imagine found this rather annoying mainly because I tend to get up half an hour before her each day and truthfully, I could have done this charade from the living room. It’s just the best view of Coniston Old Man is from the bedroom.

Five Things to Do in Ulverston

By Rachael Parkin

The new film about the lives of the legendary Laurel and Hardy, ‘Stan and Ollie’ is now playing in cinemas across the country but did you know that Stan Laurel was born less than 30 minutes away from Coniston and the Coppermines Valley in the south Cumbrian market town of Ulverston?

With its quaint, cobbled streets and an abundance of shops, pubs and cafes Ulverston is worthy of a visit any time of year but with now, with its most famous son back in the limelight, it’s a better time than ever to spend some time in this fine and historic town.

10 Instagram Worthy Lake District Locations

By Rachael Parkin

Whatever the weather - be it big, blue skies and glorious sunshine, a sparkling white winter-wonderland, or (and this is the most likely), a leaden sky, heavy with dark, brooding rain-filled clouds - the Lake District has some of the most photogenic locations any enthusiastic Instagrammer could ever wish for.
With fabulous photo opportunities at every turn it’s virtually impossible to narrow them down to just a few but here we have compiled a list of several of the most Instagrammable locations the area has to offer.

#Explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #6 The ‘Not the Tilberthwaite’ Loop (Yewdale Fells)

The view from the front of our house I have to say is second to none. Yes on a good day we can see the Old Man off to the left but every other day, unless the mist is really low, we can see the wonderfully craggy hillside of Rigg Head and Yew Pike and its towering proximity to our home means we have a soft spot for the route up there. My wife and I call it the Tilberthwaite loop because you head up towards Tilbertwaite but in reality, it should be called the Yewdale Fells loop but we started calling it Tilberthwaite and it stuck.

#Explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #5 Mountain Bike Heaven

If you’re into mountain biking but, like me, aren’t Danny Macaskill and able to throw yourself down 50ft drops, then the Grizedale forest is the place for you. The second best thing about Grizedale is that you don’t need to drive there from Coniston, you can get on your bike right at your door and be there within half an hour.

Izzy Walks the Wainwrights: Numbers 1-73

By Rachael Parkin

Izzy, the newest addition to the Coppermines family, is a Welsh Sheepdog, Border Collie cross with an endless enthusiasm for “walkies”. Lucky for her then that she lives next to some of the best “walkies” country in the UK (if not the world – but we are a bit biased). Bred for working in the hills she is seemingly physically incapable of tiredness, has an uncanny ability for finding sticks in places no tree has ever grown, and as it turns out, and has a talent for posing wistfully on mountain tops.

Get that Festive Feeling in The Lakes this winter

By Rachael Parkin

Whether you get that “festive feeling” by warming your feet on a roaring log fire, by Christmas shopping in quaint market towns and villages or by embarking on an exhilarating walk up a snow-capped mountain there will be something for you here in The Lake District this festive season.

#Explorefromthedoor with Sean Conway - #4 Conistons Old Man.

As my wife will tell you, to her annoyance, I have an unhealthy ambition to one day be The Old Man of Coniston. You know, the crazy grey-haired pensioner who does his weekly shopping on horseback while herding his flock of lamas down the high street because they just really needed a walk. I really want to be that guy. Sadly, I have chosen the wrong town to live in if I want to be The Old Man of Coniston because I will always be trumped by the real Old Man of Coniston – the 803m mountain towing into the clouds.