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The Lake District offers some of the most fantastic walks, rambles and hikes in the UK. Before heading out onto the fells read our quick guide – helping you make the most of your time exploring.

Forewarned is forearmed

So you have your walk in mind (excellent) but before heading out there double check the following..

1. Have you walked the route before? If not invest in a map (many can be purchased locally) or download the route online.
2. Consider the passage of time, how long will the walk realistically take? Allow extra time during winter and night conditions.
3. First aid, do you know the basics? Accidents can happen, be it a slip, trip or fall. Carry a basic first aid kit just in case.
4. Help, Mountain Rescue teams are located across the Lake District should you ever need to contact them dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Police then the Mountain Rescue. Keep injured party members warm until help arrives.

Fuel up

1. Make sure to pack ample food and drink for your anticipated time out on the fells.
2. High energy foods such as fruit and chocolate are great for upping energy levels and can be easily carried.
3. Always carry water, hydration is very important especially during the warmer months. During colder months carrying a warm drink in a thermos flask is advisable.

All the gear

1. Ensure you have the correct clothing (layers are a godsend). Weather conditions can change quickly on the fells here in the Lakes, so be prepared.
2. Good footwear can make all the difference and a sturdy pair of walking boots is recommended for higher level walks.
3. Unless you know the route like the back of your hand, a map or compass is always advisable.
4. Make sure to carry a mobile phone or GPS, should you lose your way. Signal on the fells can be intermittent so never rely on your phone for route directions.
5. Pack a torch and whistle, the signal for rescue is 6 long blasts, stop for a minute and repeat (the same pattern applies for the torch).
6. In winter should you be looking to scale snowy peaks then crampons and ice axes are advisable.

Ready, set, go

1. Before heading out check the mountain weather forecast
2. Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged.
3. Advise a friend or family member of your route plan & estimated time of return.
4. Eat a hearty meal before setting off.
5. Watch for signs of hypothermia in bad weather.


The Lake District is a beautiful place so enjoy the moment, whatever the distance the rewarding views are sure to be worth it!

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The Old Man of Coniston
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Help Out

Coniston Mountain Rescue Team is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year and is manned solely by local volunteers. To maintain this fantastic village service the organisation relies on the support of the general public who from time to time may need their help.

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